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Millennium Dragon is powered by two Volvo Penta MD22 59HP diesel engines.  Parts for these engines are available worldwide.


The twin Volvo Penta MD22 engines are coupled to Volvo Sail Drives



Note the rubber diaphragm assembly in the left graphic above.  The Owner’s Manual and Shop Manual call for replacement of this part every 7 to 8 years.  Each rubber diaphragm kit comes with replacement metal parts at a cost (2007 dollars) of $325 each.  If not replaced the diaphragm could fail flooding the engine compartment and possibly the hull.  The boat must be hauled onto the hard and the engine lifted to allow the installation.  This replacement was done in 2007 at Gulf Marine Ways in Ft Myers where a wide travel lift allowed hauling the Dragon for service, new bottom paint and the Insurance Marine Survey.

The Dragon wares a pair of Three Bladed Volvo Folding Propellers as seen the the graphic above.  These are extremely efficient when under power in both forward and reverse and fold to reduce drag when under sail.  The sacrificial zinc anodes (one large circular mounted on the aluminum lower unit strut and three semicircular bands mounted on each bronze propeller hub) have been replace recently. The Dragon was hauled at Gulf Marine Ways for bottom paint, zinc replacement and gelcoat repairs. Pictures of Millennium Dragon’s port saildrive and rudder taken during this haul are seen below.

Port Saildrive

Port Propellar in open position

Port Propellar and Saildrive

Port Prop Feathered

Port Rudder Profile






Port Rudder End On View


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